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Benarkin State Forest Camp

by Harry Butler

Peter and Dianne got the gun spot for ACQ

Australia Day weekend 2018 saw a few ACQ members attending the camp out at Benarkin State Forest Emu Creek Campgrounds. I loaded and drove down in my brand new camper trailer on Thursday 25 Jan 2018 to use the weekend as a shake down and try the new concept.

When I arrived there were a few people already set up with this new looking Stony Creek Scout Caravan already set up in the spot I thought was one of the best. I moved to other spot and prepared to set up for the weekend only to have Peter come over and ask if I was with the ACQ. He had got there earlier and was set up in the Scout so I went over and joined him and his wife Dianne.

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Amarok Anti-Theft Wheel Bolt and OEM Jack/Toolkit

by Chris Huth

Volkswagen have added an anti-theft wheel bolt to the new models of the Amarok. While this is a great thing to deter would be wheel thieves, sometimes it pays to read the manual to make sure you aren’t caught out.

Anti-Theft Wheel Bolt Position

Page 263 of the 06.2016 Edition of the Owner’s Manual recommends you carry the wheel bolt adapter in the vehicle toolkit at all times. It also highlights that there is a code number stamped on the front of the adapter, which you will need to replace the adapter if you lose it. We found this out the hard way after an ACQ trip as it seems its bad news when it comes to a missing anti-theft adaptor!!!

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Cania Gorge

by Jon Carman

This trip over the October long weekend was after a period of prolonged drought in the Monto district. Despite the conditions, the ACQ decided that we would still make an extended trip to the area and add our bit to the local economy.

ACQ set up camp in the back corner


Eleven members across six vehicles made the trip, staying at the Cania Gorge Tourist Park. While the park was fairly heavily booked, there was plenty of room for us all to set up at the furthest end of the park and still leave room for group activities including around the campfire.

The campground provided a good base venue from which members could explore the walking tracks of Cania Gorge National Park, Cania Dam and lookout, old mine sites, or the farmlands along Three Moon Creek at Moonford.  Some even ventured as far as the streets of Monto for supplies and a bit of country retail therapy. Continue reading


Girraween camping trip

by Brooke Fossey

“Let’s try and get to Sundown this year and we can make it a camping trip at Girraween National Park”, she said.

When we floated the idea at the committee, everyone was super keen. I think the keenness level may have taken a dive when I suggested a date in winter…

True to ACQ form, the storm rolled in on the horizon just as we were coming into town. Luckily, it was fast moving and was over and done with quickly enough so we could set up dry. We also made sure we got there first as it was our first camp away with our new trailer, Suzi, and we didn’t need witnesses to our first attempt! Continue reading


Yabba and Jimna Forest Drive


by Matt and Brooke Fossey

We will not be plugging an ACQ event as an easy, lazy and uneventful Sunday afternoon drive again… I think we may have jinxed it! We did a recon trip a month ago only to find that Council had just graded the track.

Before we headed out from Kilcoy, we had the  Amarok Club of Queensland’s Annual General Meeting, where we approved our 2016/17 Financial Statements and elected the 2017/18 Management Committee. Continue reading

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