Benarkin State Forest Camp

by Harry Butler

Peter and Dianne got the gun spot for ACQ

Australia Day weekend 2018 saw a few ACQ members attending the camp out at Benarkin State Forest Emu Creek Campgrounds. I loaded and drove down in my brand new camper trailer on Thursday 25 Jan 2018 to use the weekend as a shake down and try the new concept.

When I arrived there were a few people already set up with this new looking Stony Creek Scout Caravan already set up in the spot I thought was one of the best. I moved to other spot and prepared to set up for the weekend only to have Peter come over and ask if I was with the ACQ. He had got there earlier and was set up in the Scout so I went over and joined him and his wife Dianne.

I then proceeded to open up and learn the knack of setting up a new camper set up.

First time setting up the new camper

The new camper

One of our regular guests

We settled in for a couple of cold beers and some cheese and bikkies, a hot afternoon gave way to a nice cool twilight and once the sun was down behind the hill we spotted Rock Wallabys coming down to drink and Possums checking out our site for free feed. The next morning a family of deer wandered through just to have a look at the crazy humans.

Derek and Ingrid getting all set up

On Friday Derek and Ingrid arrived and set up their tent. We then went for a very pleasant drive ably led by Peter who had a great knowledge of the area from previous trips and bike riding experience. When we returned to camp, Dianne cooked everyone a very nice roast pork dinner complete with potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, corn, beans even some broccoli and gravy. What a nice way to spend an evening .Good friends, good food and lovely surroundings.

On Saturday we went for a drive out through Yarraman and heading for Nanango through some back roads. After some locked gates and some adventures including three goes to get onto the correct track, we really should have listened to Peter in the first place, we ended up in Nanango for a pleasant lunch and a visit to the Peanut Van. It was here that Derek and Ingrid left us as they had another outing to attend.

The Roks on patrol – one black, one white and one with a bit of dirt on

We returned to camp and Peter and Dianne decided that it was time to move on for them as well we had predictions of storm activity and there was a wash out on the road they were worried about so I spent Saturday night and then proceeded back home on Sunday.

All in all a very nice relaxing weekend. It was a pity Matt and Brooke Fossey had to cancel at the last minute and more ACQ members did not join us.

Some more wildlife

View back over Emu Creek

I think this is a campground we can use again!





  1. Nice write up Harry. We were disapointed not to be able to come this time, as it sounds like a relaxing time was had.

  2. Nice review Harry, it was good to make some new friends. It makes camping a pleasure to share a spot with an easy going crowd.
    Thank you!

  3. Nice review Harry, it was good to make some new friends & thank you Dianne. It makes camping a pleasure to share a spot with an easy going crowd.

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