by Matt Fossey

I didn’t think it was possible but I love big blue Lola even more now! I also didn’t think that the inland track was going to be the easy bit.

We started again at the Sundowner Motel with ten in the convoy, nine Roks and a welcome rogue Cruiser. We managed to get on the road just after the planned 9:15am. There were six members, including our newest member Craig, and four visitors, who we hope we see again.

It was a perfect day for a beach run, even though the sand was soft and Lola resembled a snow plough for most of the trip. Definitely need that lift, but that’s a story for another day. 

We made it all the way through the inland track without any mishaps, just a couple of potholes and whoopsie do’s (thanks Harry for the descriptor) and some “Oh dear… nope it’s all good” moments. This was a pretty good result seeing almost half the group hadn’t driven on sand before.

After getting out on Ocean Beach, one of the group got a little stuck after our pitstop and regroup, nothing that wasn’t fixed with a shovel and some maxtraxs. We then had a glorious few hours on the beach swimming and chewing the fat about this and that.

Unfortunately, all good things need to come to an end, and ours was signalled by the arrival of blue bottles and the incoming tide. After we all managed to get underway, it was soft and almost smooth sailing down the beach to the exit at Woorim. The beach was actually harder work than the inland track. Between fighting the soft sand and wheel ruts, as well as dodging the other people on the beach, it was quite a tough gig coming off. Not nearly as tough though as it was for the poor Ranger that was being towed by a tractor, that was in turn being towed by a Prado. Poor fella blew his transmission.

Not sure about everyone else but I thought the day was brilliant, soft sand and all. I do have to admit, nothing beats having a shower after an awesome day at the beach.
Can’t wait to do it again, especially now I’m in the auto!