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Yabba and Jimna Forest Drive


by Matt and Brooke Fossey

We will not be plugging an ACQ event as an easy, lazy and uneventful Sunday afternoon drive again… I think we may have jinxed it! We did a recon trip a month ago only to find that Council had just graded the track.

Before we headed out from Kilcoy, we had the  Amarok Club of Queensland’s Annual General Meeting, where we approved our 2016/17 Financial Statements and elected the 2017/18 Management Committee. Continue reading


Mount Mee


The picturesque Western Escarpment drive

by Matt Fossey


While we may not have had the smoothest start to our trip, once the 12 Roks got underway, we had an absolute blast!

After the trip pre-start briefing, we all set to let the tyres down a little, which proved to be the hardest part of the trip. Out came my brand new tyre deflater, purchased at the caravan expo, that was supposed to make me look like a pro… Should have practiced before taking it into public because it is not a brilliant look for the trip lead to be scratching his head and reading instructions on how to let tyres down.  Funnily enough, this wasn’t the worst of it. We had one valve screwed all the way out and another screwed out and jettison into the bush somewhere, as well as a couple of broken tyre deflaters. Continue reading


Border Ranges – Day 2

by Brooke Fossey

After a nice night scattered across Kyogle, we all met at the Apex Park, near the Showgrounds, for the journey home.  It actually turned out that we didn’t have any made up 50 zones – Scott just managed to see them all on the first day when the rest of us didn’t. It might have had something to do with everyone blindly following blue Lola and the drivers of said blue Lola being somewhat distracted with the screaming baby.

The toilet monitor at Mebbin National Park

After retracing our steps, we headed into the charming Mebbin National Park, which incorporates part of the Mount Warning volcano rim.  After a lovely drive through the lush forest, we stopped off at the Mebbin camp area for a toilet break and to hunt some lace monitors. Luckily, for those of us using the facilities, we found the goanna ‘monitoring’ the toilet (pun intended). Unfortunately, Craig was unlucky enough to have a not so nice encounter with one of the locals, who was most definitely under the influence of some form of illicit drugs, when he just went to have a chat. In the end, no harm was done when he speedily took off after he realised we weren’t scared off by his loud music.  Funnily enough, this wasn’t the most bizarre encounter for the day. Continue reading


Border Ranges – Day 1

by Brooke Fossey

Six fellow Roksters set out on the Border Ranges trip, ACQ’s first two day trip, as opposed to a camping trip.

Creek crossing along the Lions Way

Richard cleaning the tyres

In true Fossey fashion, we set off a little behind schedule leaving Jubilee Park at Beaudesert heading towards Rathdowney. We meandered our way down the rolling hills and farmland of the Mount Lindsay Highway before turning onto Innisplain Road, where we started our journey along the Lions Road. Continue reading


Bribie Island run

by Matt Fossey

I didn’t think it was possible but I love big blue Lola even more now! I also didn’t think that the inland track was going to be the easy bit.

We started again at the Sundowner Motel with ten in the convoy, nine Roks and a welcome rogue Cruiser. We managed to get on the road just after the planned 9:15am. There were six members, including our newest member Craig, and four visitors, who we hope we see again.

It was a perfect day for a beach run, even though the sand was soft and Lola resembled a snow plough for most of the trip. Definitely need that lift, but that’s a story for another day.  Continue reading

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