by Brooke Fossey

“Let’s try and get to Sundown this year and we can make it a camping trip at Girraween National Park”, she said.

When we floated the idea at the committee, everyone was super keen. I think the keenness level may have taken a dive when I suggested a date in winter…

True to ACQ form, the storm rolled in on the horizon just as we were coming into town. Luckily, it was fast moving and was over and done with quickly enough so we could set up dry. We also made sure we got there first as it was our first camp away with our new trailer, Suzi, and we didn’t need witnesses to our first attempt!

After getting all set up (without any arguments!), we just needed to wait for the rest of the gang to turn up, which they all did by 10:30pm.

Our home base for the weekend

True to ACQ style, the weather didn’t disappoint

Casa de Fossey







After a peaceful night of negative temperatures (I think someone mentioned minus 5 degrees so I’ll go with that), we headed out on a hunt for coffee before taking on Sundown National Park. Unfortunately Shirley’s “best coffee shop ever”, was no longer, instead it had been turned into a holiday rental house. It was quite funny trying to order coffee from random tourists. I think they thought that we were there to rob them! Luckily, fate was kind on us because it happened that one of my old work colleagues was staying there so, after a short catch-up, we were on our way again without being reported to the authorities.

Getting ready for the slow, but fun Sundown National Park

Armed with coffees, tyre deflators and rock sliders we made our way to Sundown National Park’s Red Rock Gorge. While the going was quite rough, we made it the 7.5k to the spectacular Red Rock Gorge day use area in around an hour with no issues.

Spectacular views at Red Rock Gorge

After a short walk down to the lookout, we took in the amazing colours and scenery that was the rugged gorge. Mike even got the drone out to get some brilliant video footage of the gorge.

On the way back to camp, we got to sample the local produce when we stopped in at the Ballandean Estate winery and the aptly named “Heavenly” chocolate shop.


The Roky ‘outcrop’ at Suttons enjoying apple pie and warm mulled apple juice

The next day, it was unfortunately time to pack up and head back to reality but not before heading to Sutton’s for some local apple pie and warm mulled apple juice.

Once again, we had another great weekend with the Amarok Club of Queensland. I think the weekend was best summed up in this great video from Andrew Priest: