We encourage people interested in joining the club to attend an event as a visitor.  There is a $20 visitor fee when registering for the event on Eventbrite but if you join, this will come off the $60 annual membership fee.

Some of the benefits of becoming a member include:

  • having a group of friendly Rok owners of various expertise to go out trips with
  • the ability to attend technical days put on by the club
  • access to 4WD Qld events like Clean Up Fraser Island where you get reduced barge fees and no camping fees
  • access to a VCDS cable to use as a diagnostics tool for your Amarok.

Under our rules, all membership applications must be considered by the Management Committee.  The committee does this as soon as we receive your membership forms and payment. At this point, we will send through a receipt and a copy of the model rules for your information.

Memberships run from 1 January to 31 December each year but we operate on a financial year basis for our tax year.  The theory behind the difference in years is that people tend to plan on a calendar year basis and our AGM is due by the end of September each year.  This will allow an incoming committee to plan and execute the full year rather than coming in at March and having to finalise what the previous committee planned without getting to do anything until January the following year.

Amarok Club of Queensland – Membership form