by Matt and Brooke Fossey

We will not be plugging an ACQ event as an easy, lazy and uneventful Sunday afternoon drive again… I think we may have jinxed it! We did a recon trip a month ago only to find that Council had just graded the track.

Before we headed out from Kilcoy, we had the  Amarok Club of Queensland’s Annual General Meeting, where we approved our 2016/17 Financial Statements and elected the 2017/18 Management Committee. Our new committee is:

  • President – Jon Carmen
  • Vice President – Mike Gerlach
  • Treasurer – Matt Fossey
  • Secretary – Brooke Fossey
  • Trip Advisor – Chris Schoppe
  • Committee members:
    • Richard Froehlich
    • Harry Butler
    • Trevor Manton

With the official business out of the way, 10 cars took off, including Petra, Mike’s highly modified grey Rok…

First stop, the play pen where a few of the group tested what their Roks could do, get some awesome photos and let the drone loose for a spin. It was here we had the first two non-uneventful things.

Footage from the play pen today

Posted by Amarok Club of Queensland on Sunday, 30 July 2017

When testing some angles in reverse, Justin took the opportunity to modify his taillights so he could upgrade them to the LED version. After Justin vacated what we will now call the Voodoo Hill, Plamen drove up the hill to test the maximum side angle his beast could manage. Luckily, a few of the guys could help him safely return the car back down the hill without any damage. This was a little too close a call and, while we all like to have fun, I don’t think anyone will be testing these angles again any time soon.

We then took off for our lunch spot, a beautiful pull off area beside a deer farm. Again, we jinxed it by letting everyone know it should be a nice leisurely drive half an hour down the road to the lunch spot. Along the main dusty road, Chris and some of the guys got to work out how to get the spare tyre off, not an as easy as you would think given the new anti-theft device on the V6.

Not one to learn from the previous two mistakes, we said, okay it is only 15 minutes to the lunch stop now. Cue, Luke losing his awning. The uneventful easy drive struck again! This time by snapping the pop rivets out that held on one of his awnings.

Over an hour after leaving the play pen, we finally stopped for lunch. We had a great relaxing time overlooking deer and kangaroos, where we got to kick back while the kids ran around with rocks, sticks, a remote control car and drone. Craig even managed to catch up on some shuteye!


Luckily, the last leg was really uneventful and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery over the Sunshine Coast hinterland and Lake Borumba. After 105 kilometres and climbing up to 587m above sea level, we arrived in Imbil right on time!

Thanks to those that came and made it such a great trip!